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Hosted Desktop

An I.T. solution in a box, that adapts to your business.

Whether you are large or small, accounting or engineering.

No staff training required. It just works.

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Where we differ

What Makes A Hosted Desktop Service So Awesome?

A Hosted Desktop service is Managed Cloud I.T. platform that has the power, to transform the way in which your business operates.

Work From Anywhere

Accessible from any device (i.e. Windows, Apple, Android) and from any location.

PAYG Pricing Model

Pay monthly for the number of logins you have for your system.  No more capital outlays.

Increased Productivity

Place all your staff on the same identical platform.  Data, apps and settings, always consistent.

A Refresh IT System

A Hosted Desktop platform starts you afresh, break free from an under performing IT service.

A Thoroughly Familiar Windows 10 Experience For Your Staff

Imagine having all of the familiarity of a Windows 10 desktop, whilst harvesting the many benefits of working within the Cloud.

Our Hosted Desktop provides you with just this…  Your applications, your data, your way.  Work more efficiently and securely, with Hosted Desktop.

So What Makes Us So Different?

We’re not like everybody else… But we enjoy being a bit different. And so do our customers. Here are a few of our oddities;

Tape Backups

We backup your data to removable tape media and store offline. This ensures that you have an “air-gapped” copy of your data at all times.

12 Month Backup History

Our standard backup plan enables us to recover your files and folders from 12 months earlier. What’s more is we have these stored in daily intervals.

RDP or Citrix – You Decide

Microsoft RDS and Citrix are both the leading technologies when it comes to Hosted Desktop. We’re happy to talk through both options with you.

Four UK Data Centres

Our service operates from no less than four ISO accredited, UK data centres. In the unlikely event of a failure, we have you covered.

24/7/365 Tech Support

Our support is phenomenal and is what we are known for.We supply more than just servers, we supply the complete managed I.T. service.

We Get To Know You

And your team and your business. And… we do care, a lot. Which is could be why our customer retention is 95%+, year after year.

100% UK Based and Private

Microsoft RDS and Citrix are both the leading technologies when it comes to Hosted Desktop. We’re happy to talk through both options with you.

Blistering Performance

Our service is built with performance in mind. Using Dell PowerEdge servers with SSD storage arrays, your I.T. system will run like never before.

So How Do We Move You to Hosted Desktop?

It’s a delicate process moving your existing I.T. system to a new platform.
Which is why our highly experienced team manage the whole transition for you.

No downtime. No headaches.


First we start with a scoping call and audit, where we fully analyse your existing I.T. system.


We then build your Hosted Desktop system, installing your applications and data exactly, to your requirements.


Crucial to a successful deployment, we then complete a thorough testing phase, with you and your staff.


On an agreed date, we switch you onto your new platform, with zero business impact. Our staff on hand throughout.

Features and Pricing

We are able to offer the two industry leading Hosted Desktop technologies (RDS and Citrix).

Whilst “RDS” is the most popular, Citrix is still preferable for those with multimedia requirements.

microsoft-logo citrix-logo
Features RDS - From £25 Monthly Citrix - From £35 Monthly
50 GB Storage Per User (Aggregated)
SonicWALL Firewall Security
24/7/365 I.T. Support
12 Month Backup Retention
Office 365 Compatible
UK Based ISO 27001 Data Centres
Web Cam Guarantee
Access Via Web Browser
Features RDS - From £25 Monthly Citrix - From £35 Monthly
50 GB Storage Per User (Aggregated)
SonicWALL Firewall Security
24/7/365 I.T. Support
12 Month Backup Retention
Office 365 Compatible
UK Based ISO 27001 Data Centres
Web Cam Guarantee
Access Via Web Browser

Like what you see? Contact us now to start a conversation.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

A few kind words from a handful of our long standing clients (and no, we didn’t pay them!).


+ End Users


TeraBytes of Customer Data


+ Satisfied Customers


Gallons of Tea - Daily

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a selection of frequently asked questions for our customers, relating to our Hosted Desktop service.  If you have a question and you can’t find the answer below, just;

Drop us a line
What type of internet do we require within our office?


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t require any special internet to receive a great experience when using our Managed Hosting service. Internet speeds are measured in Mbps (for example 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up).  Each user on hosting only requires 0.1Mbps in speed.  So if you have 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up, you could operate 50 staff members on that internet!

Do we still require anti-virus on our local laptops and workstations?


Provided there is no data on that PC, then the answer is no. However we recommend leaving enabled the free anti-virus client included within Windows, “Windows Defender”.

What is an ideal workstation or laptop once we’re in Managed Hosting?


One of the great benefits of moving to a Managed Cloud service is that all of the computing is carried out in the data centre (Cloud). The PCs that your staff operate are merely portals to the Cloud.  Therefore “mini-PCs” also known as “thin-clients” are perfect for this task.  A good example of a mini-PC can be located here on Amazon Prime.  They are cheaper, smaller, easier to set up, have a longer lifespan and cost less to run than traditional “full fat” PCs.

What does it look like? How is it best described?


When staff connect to their Hosted Desktop, it looks…. Just like a modern Windows desktop (i.e. Windows 10).  It looks and behaves every bit like they are operating on their “local” PC, when in fact they’re operating on a “Hosted” Desktop.

We presently use Office 365 for the provision of our email service and Microsoft Office. Can we continue to use this within your Hosted Desktop service?


Yes, you can. However you must ensure your Office 365 licence is on the “E3” plan. Furthermore we can offer the same Exchange email and Microsoft Office functionality at a cheaper price and with more features.

Does printing and scanning work in the same way?


Yes it does. If you have an office location, we establish a VPN connection to connect your hosted services to your office to ease printing and scanning.  If you are working outside of the office printing/scanning works too, however you just need to ensure that printers/scanners are installed on the PC that you’re connecting from, then they map through to the Hosted Desktop.

Should we expect a delay within hosting when typing?


Absolutely not! When operating over an internet circuit that is working properly, there will be no delay when typing or operating the mouse.

How do staff connect and log in to their hosting session?


We supply you with a pre-configured connection file that staff copy onto the desktop of their PC. All the staff member then needs to do is double click the file, enter in their username and password, then they are instantly connected to their Hosted Desktop.

Presumably within your Managed Hosting there are many other customers. Could they access our data or spread a virus?


Presently we have over 250 customers within our Managed Hosting, however no customer can get close to accessing a neighbouring customer’s server. We implement VLAN technology which ensures that customer networks are entirely isolated from one another.

How long does it take to make a design?

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Some Of Our Wonderful Clients